From what was a hushed night

We have now, morning

The silence remnants,

Still enveloping creek and corner

Soon it will have competition

When with sunrise, comes the bustle

And with the bustle, comes the hustle

The hustle, bringing forth a new chapter

The living are readying

To attack the day

Such zeal, such motivation

Pot scoops of such, invaluable

A brand new day

For the lonesome, the nurturers

For the caretakers, the peacemakers

Even more brilliant of a day, for a dreamer


Dawn breaks, ready to muck out night’s muddle

Soon the birds shall welcome the sunrise


Prayers as calm winds, roam the city

As whispers of supplication, chime in chorus.


Some, after a long night’s booze

Have barely made it to bed for a snooze


While vernal cohorts, engage in tittle-tattle

Their phone backlights, illuminating a global map.


Others with hardened hearts lie vexed

Whiling away time, with thoughts of contempt


Not to forget the creative owls

Pooling in inspiration from the ebony aura


Soon the sun shall rise, to usher in the day

And gone with the night, its thrilling bustle


See every Tom, Dick and Harry wake

In whatever manner they do.

Grumpy or thankful

Refreshed or still jaded.


The blush of dawn knocks at our windows

Pleading that we don’t disturb the morning.




Unrequited Love

Loving her,

Was like the sun falling for the moon.


She, content.

Though flawed and imperfect.


She was his moon,

He, the sun.


And he felt the need 

To be her source of happiness.


So he gave her his light,

His prized ipseity.


To give someone your all,

He did just that, like the sun.


Because night is when,

The stars shine the brightest.


He became her source of light

Receding into the darkness.


And she could never do same,

Not that she had to.


She owed him nothing,

Not time, nor light.


And in his times of plight,

When he felt used, abused or depressed even,


She, quite the daydreamer,

Was nowhere to be.


And he blamed her, for his hurt.

Trying to fathom her transience.


She whispered into his ear,

“I never asked, that you be there for me.

You needed me,

Sadly, I never did.”


Unrequited love,

That of the sun and moon.