Azure Tides

I pray the azure tides meet you

Where you would feel through and through

Maybe then you’d steer with surety


I pray the azure tides bear not stormy billows

That match the fog and daze your head carries

For uncertainty, is a boat without oars


I pray the azure tides wouldn’t be too long

That I go to meet them elsewhere

What a shame then, that you and I could have been.



Photo credit: @pkopoku (Instagram)


Come all, weary and laden

They, that breathe heavy

They, with their hope shredded to bits

They, who are laden

You are not alone

Park lights have gathered their embers

The swish of branches, held back till soon a time

Laden, you and this park

Hold on to faith, weary child

Just as the taut ambience

Holds on desperately to the still air.

Loud In Love

He does this thing

That sets my pulse racing

I’m a rocket, launched up high

To a world of my own.


And when he talks

My mind is too loud

My eyes want to be plucked out

And my face is a red tomato.


I put myself together

With such concerted effort

But no matter what

This mind will not be quietened.


In seconds he has me undone

Behind my fragile smile,

I’m praying he hasn’t seen me fret

Because I’m a mess inside.


And should he hold my hand

God only knows,

That whatever is left binding my composure

Would be weakened.