Unrequited Love

Loving her,

Was like the sun falling for the moon.


She, content.

Though flawed and imperfect.


She was his moon,

He, the sun.


And he felt the need 

To be her source of happiness.


So he gave her his light,

His prized ipseity.


To give someone your all,

He did just that, like the sun.


Because night is when,

The stars shine the brightest.


He became her source of light

Receding into the darkness.


And she could never do same,

Not that she had to.


She owed him nothing,

Not time, nor light.


And in his times of plight,

When he felt used, abused or depressed even,


She, quite the daydreamer,

Was nowhere to be.


And he blamed her, for his hurt.

Trying to fathom her transience.


She whispered into his ear,

“I never asked, that you be there for me.

You needed me,

Sadly, I never did.”


Unrequited love,

That of the sun and moon.

24 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

    1. Ah, the Moon,
      Harsh mistress,
      So caught up with herself
      She thought the silver light was hers.

      She flirted with the tides
      And sailed the seas like a ghostly galleon at night.
      While the Sun was away,
      The Moon was in play, free to be herself.

      She had her own troubles.
      When the Sun was there,
      She was nowhere,
      Erased as though naught.

      That was her trouble:
      That the Sun shone so bright
      That He so imperiously put
      Her own existence to flight.

      If only the the Prodigal Sun understood
      How blessed He was to command light
      Where the Moon only reflected His glory
      And dwelled on her eternal plight.

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      1. Yes, the Sun and Moon. Beautiful opposites. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem once more.


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