When the going gets tough

When the going gets tough

There and then

A pouring, of what we’re made of

No one looks at the bird in flight

To make mention of its fatigue

But let same bird see a falling

Poor bird, with ruffled feathers

When the going gets tough

You keep going, soaring high like the bird

Till you meet ground

Poor fellow, with a few hiccups

You’ve seen a falling?

Get up, you forlorn one

And try again, that you may fly

To heights you once knew


From what was a hushed night

We have now, morning

The silence remnants,

Still enveloping creek and corner

Soon it will have competition

When with sunrise, comes the bustle

And with the bustle, comes the hustle

The hustle, bringing forth a new chapter

The living are readying

To attack the day

Such zeal, such motivation

Pot scoops of such, invaluable

A brand new day

For the lonesome, the nurturers

For the caretakers, the peacemakers

Even more brilliant of a day, for a dreamer



The words we fear hearing,

Rejection pierces the heart

And then for a moment we’re abeyant

In shock,

Everything in a slow revolve,


But falling, really,

Like petals to the ground.

Perpetuity and pain, it’s worse.

A pain that constantly grapples,

Eyes that go blank, legs that wobble

Shaky hands, a mind focused on one word,

No, No, and more ‘No’s. It echoes

A reminder that,

We fell,

Just like petals to the ground.

But with time, we triumphed

Channeling distress into positivity

No longer were we petals to the ground,

No longer were we frozen in time.

And the mind? It was a haven of restored purpose.

Like petals to the ground we fell,

Now we bloom, and sway with the wind.


That it is well.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow never comes

Ideas and plans I had in my head,

I’ll do this I’ll do that, that’s what I said

So I waited and waited for tomorrow,

Sadly my tomorrow became a yesterday

And my plans and tactics took on a gray shade

They were history, belonging to the past, never assembled

Just because I relied on tomorrow.

You don’t know what tomorrow holds

Why not grab every opportunity you get, it’s okay to take the less travelled road

Tell that someone you love him or her because tomorrow might act out otherwise,

One thing tomorrow can’t do is to control you today

Act now and roll the dice come what may,

But don’t depend on tomorrow when you already have today.