Haze Art

The wretched awake

From nights of despair

The elixir bottle down to drops

There is the haze

To remind of pressing affairs

That life has seized our props

Heavy are the sighs we make

Pleading to our avengers, helpless whispers of ‘Sirs’

And by eve, the fallen tears must see the mop

My Muse

She haunted me,

In my dreams, she lingered

She’s the voice in my head

That mesmerized.


She took me places

And buried my sanity

She’s shown me madness

Had me tread the deep waters.


She coloured my heart

In shades of her emotions

And when I thought she was gone

Like a boomerang, she sprung back.


I saw the good in trying times,

She was right there, at my breaking points

Watching, hoping I learnt.

She infused me with her enduring spirit.


My muse,

She’s seen it all.

My muse,

She’s worn my soles off.


My muse,

She’s unstoppable

My heart, she stole on condition

To later return it.

Her company, for an unassailable heart.


Do you see why?

The walls, the coldness

She took me there.

So I could bring myself back

Back with closure, credence.

Do you remember now?

The betrayal and the heartache

You took me there,

With no intention of staying.

My muse, she brought back my light.

But first had me traverse the dark with might.