A day at a time

A tear that will dry

There is a reason,

There is a season

But still there is despair

A hug to say all is fine

A word of encouragement

To calm a racing mind

But there will still be that moment

Hands in pockets, and emptiness felt

Such is a revisiting sorrow

That comes in waves

Such is a daunting anxiety

That comes uninvited

Such is the guilt felt

For shifting the mood

So I ask that you bear with me

You jolly soul, best friend, confidant

One day it may be well

One day the pockets may be filled

With something other than emptiness

Something worth remembering,

Something that will carve a smile

Inspired By Thaxted

Dawn sweep away the perils

That chided me in sleep

Praying and crying out, though nasal

My Saviour, He hears me weep

Turned on side, pillowing my fears

The stillness, so loud, envelops

Reminded of a hymn to repress the tears

Gathering courage, to never give up hope

The day is bursting through

And the remnants of night, they fade

Flee away you woe, perhaps one or two

For today we choose joy, and will not trade


To know that, she’s had you

Over and over

I want to understand

When you say you’re committed

Just how many times must I have you

To teach your body something new?

I say that I’m fine, but these words…

Need undoing , revealing that I’m not


In a world of chaos

Some are choosing their blues

The big ones, the little ones

And they ponder in recluse

So be wary and considerate

That you know not their fate

For some have slept

Only to wake and walk

Walking, but not existing

For some have dreamt

A thousand dreams, yet still sulk

Moping in misery

And for some, they are hoping

For a glimpse of a miracle

Hands clasped tightly

As they mumble prayers of petition

And as for the writer,

She cries out for reassurance

Tonight, feeling weighted more

By the littlest of blues

How many more sighs

Gone are the hours of yesterday

And dawn, knocks behind the window pane

Before we let her in,

There are some matters to resolve

A worrisome heart and a pondering mind

Loud is the silence

But louder is The Voice

Beseeching and reassuring,

That we worry not about the morrow

And spare some minutes to rest

But stubborn as we are,

Owing to our human nature

We toss, turn and fret

And try to reconcile with hope,

With one question taunting, “How many more sighs, Lord ?”

The Best

The best is yet to come

It wasn’t today

Nor was it yesterday

Perhaps, a morrow sooner

The best is yet to come

I tell myself every day

Someday, one day

The waiting time, shortening

The best is yet to come

Said gleefully, because…

Who knows, it may very well be

Right after this utterance


From what was a hushed night

We have now, morning

The silence remnants,

Still enveloping creek and corner

Soon it will have competition

When with sunrise, comes the bustle

And with the bustle, comes the hustle

The hustle, bringing forth a new chapter

The living are readying

To attack the day

Such zeal, such motivation

Pot scoops of such, invaluable

A brand new day

For the lonesome, the nurturers

For the caretakers, the peacemakers

Even more brilliant of a day, for a dreamer


some fall in love

others love the idea of love

some thirst for water

others sip champagne in delight


i’ve fallen for you

you’re a scarf to smoothen out of place strands

you’re velvet to skin

cognac to the lost weeper

tea drank by the grassy bank

a sail to brave through strong winds and tides

pot of gold under the rainbow

a listener, comforter

nurse to the banes of my life


It’s as hard to explain

As it is to watch

Because today, Calm won’t even as much

Meet my eyes, or break into embrace

Two or three gather

There’s a crowd

Involuntarily losing control

I must prepare myself

A breath in, a breath out

What am I inviting in?

What am I letting out?

I’m held back suddenly

Silence, as I try to articulate

It’s like I have no voice

And something keeps pulling at my nape

Ten fingers, seemingly turned dozen

I tell you, Calm is out for me

She steals my voice

Latches onto my neck

And casts me into the springs of anxiety

Break Free


Behind closed doors

I embrace the darkness

Reclaiming my wings, so I can soar

Home in a hell, I fight the madness

My secret to how I escape it all.


Rubbishing thoughts of pills and knives,

I paint out the dark, in hope’s hues

Suddenly my prison, unwalled, I arise

The voices, they quieten down bemused

Pain and hurt, I have fought in disguise.


The panic and fear, I control

Seeking the blank space in scribbled chaos

Ignoring shortcuts lest I lose my soul.

I patiently await when this will pay off,

Soon I will be out of the rabbit hole


Happy yourself, lost one, it shall be well

Break free, you can, from this imaginary cell

Close your eyes, Stand up to shadows

Fight out the lies, soon you’ll gracefully tread meadows


I shut my eyes, and find my space,

Where all I fear, I face with might!

I rise like an eagle, victorious from the haze

Breaking free, soaring up high as a kite.





If I was a Barbie doll, oh how pretty I would be,

But I’m not a doll, and you think of me as ugly.

In this world we live in, we tend to compare,

Almighty Creator you aren’t, so dear one judge me not,

And don’t let me shed tears.



 Blouses and skirts, yes I dress to impress

I worked to earn a living, such hardwork it was, I must confess!

So judge me not If I tend to be flashy

A life of comfort is the fruit of my labour

Please don’t assume I’m being superior



 I work three jobs to support myself

This burgeoning belly of mine, I’m pregnant, yes, you can tell

You call me a dropout or a girl who’s lost her way

But you don’t know that I was raped on my way home from visiting my mother’s grave,

So judge me not by calling me names

You know not my plight, dear one, our lives aren’t the same.



If I tend to go off at a tangent, please don’t think I’m insane,

You know not my condition, please try not to be vain

Multiple personality disorder is my life forever,

Tell me how many people would understand even if I told them my predicament?

So dear one, dear one,  judge me not and see me as a fool

I’d very much love to be me though I end up as a recluse.