Inspired By Thaxted

Dawn sweep away the perils

That chided me in sleep

Praying and crying out, though nasal

My Saviour, He hears me weep

Turned on side, pillowing my fears

The stillness, so loud, envelops

Reminded of a hymn to repress the tears

Gathering courage, to never give up hope

The day is bursting through

And the remnants of night, they fade

Flee away you woe, perhaps one or two

For today we choose joy, and will not trade


In a world of chaos

Some are choosing their blues

The big ones, the little ones

And they ponder in recluse

So be wary and considerate

That you know not their fate

For some have slept

Only to wake and walk

Walking, but not existing

For some have dreamt

A thousand dreams, yet still sulk

Moping in misery

And for some, they are hoping

For a glimpse of a miracle

Hands clasped tightly

As they mumble prayers of petition

And as for the writer,

She cries out for reassurance

Tonight, feeling weighted more

By the littlest of blues


Tower of refuge

They say You are

But to get to You,

Is going to take some effort

Lord be my helper

As I find my way to You

Tower of restoration

I’ve heard You are

But I’m deceived,

By the people so few

Lord quench the lying voices

That stay manipulating my thoughts

Tower of Purpose

Stay right where You are

Because I’m not losing You this time

Be it bend or bump on the way

I’m coming to You Lord

Sometime between sunset and sunrise

Night of…

Night of laments

So why do I see the stars?

For every mistake, a choice I made

Night so contoured

Why do I sense hope?

The haze, slowly fading into the horizon

Night, of…restoration

Certainly must be

Regrets are in the distant


Someday, worried one

You’ll find the light

Someday, wretched one

You’ll be on the other side

Through the swampy marsh

Over the land mines

Past the naysayers

Beyond any obstacle

Someday, somehow

You’ll rejoice, where the light resides

How many more sighs

Gone are the hours of yesterday

And dawn, knocks behind the window pane

Before we let her in,

There are some matters to resolve

A worrisome heart and a pondering mind

Loud is the silence

But louder is The Voice

Beseeching and reassuring,

That we worry not about the morrow

And spare some minutes to rest

But stubborn as we are,

Owing to our human nature

We toss, turn and fret

And try to reconcile with hope,

With one question taunting, “How many more sighs, Lord ?”



Photo credit: @pkopoku (Instagram)


Come all, weary and laden

They, that breathe heavy

They, with their hope shredded to bits

They, who are laden

You are not alone

Park lights have gathered their embers

The swish of branches, held back till soon a time

Laden, you and this park

Hold on to faith, weary child

Just as the taut ambience

Holds on desperately to the still air.

Before, Now and Ever

In my days to come,

May I pay heed to Thy word.

The devil will seek to harm,

“I am with you”, You have said.

Before, now and ever.

When in lowly manner,

May my thoughts be pleasing to Thee.

And may it be, that my demeanor,

Will be a light shone, for all to see.

As before, now and ever.

In times of trials and hardship,

May my faith in You be replenished.

That if temptation to veer off should creep,

Your word will have me admonished

Just as before, now and ever.


Awesome God

Night is nigh,

I must say a prayer

I look up to the Most High,

He never fails to deliver.


In good times and bad times,

I will trust and obey

You have shown to mankind,

To salvation, you are the only way!


I will boast of you to the crowds,

They will hear of you Lord.

Even those with hearts so proud,

Eventually your glory they will accord


The people must know,

Of this Awesome God

Each day, new mercies bestowed,

Oh His name, I will forever uphold.


Night is nigh,

I must say a prayer.

Your ways I admire,

And I wish to bask in Thy favour.




Let Down The Chains

Let down the chains O’Lord,

For I’ve been a prisoner in pain

Fix me O’Lord,

Broken I am, with no name.

My foes, they mock me

They tread on my victories,

O’Lord teach them endearment.

And instill in me a heart of forgiveness

Guide me O’Lord,

Treachery fills their souls

But my trust in you ever so firm.

For I glory in tribulations with a Mighty God,

Who forever reigns,

O’Lord let down the chains

My Lord is Here



Wake up at dawn, My Lord is good,

The beauty of creation, love it exudes.

I pray that Thee will grant me grace,

For today’s journey in every place.


Even when it’s silent, My Lord is near

I meditate and listen to Thy voice ever so clear

Master speak, your will be done.

Now, tomorrow and forever on this land.


Shadows lurk, and temptations rally,

Steadfast I remain, For my Lord is by me.

When in danger, I am at ease

Knowing that my faith shall make it cease.


Every night, I must give thanks

For as I lay, He stretches His protective hands,

I rest, knowing that My Lord is here

And that safe I am, with nothing to fear.




I tremble, tremble when they utter their words,
Plastic smiles surround me, like they ever cared,
Lord it’s You I want and You I seek
Cos your love never fails, like a broken tap it even leaks,
I tremble when they call, I tremble when on them I must rely.
Lord draw me nearer, on You I lay my burdens upon.

I worry, worry when I’m in doubt or have committed to wrong doing,
But you said to me, ‘Son I forgive you, overthink not, It’s my duty not yours’.
If I had a looking glass I would zoom into Your heart,
Your kindness overflows, I shall receive anything, if it’s your will simply by asking,
Praising You is my topmost desire,
Blessings, You shower on me Wonderful Counselor.
My tears, I have been assured will always be that of joy when in You I trust.
What amazing love is this? Lord I call on You, I call.



This was to be her first time away from her Dad. She was travelling to Ukraine to study Medicine. The night before, her Dad helped her pack her stuff, telling her what to take, what to leave behind. A few times she would frown and disagree, because she thought her Dad was being unreasonable. She received a parcel from a friend of hers who had told her to deliver it to an Aunt. Dad sternly told her not to, and explained that she would have to leave it behind because its contents were unknown, which could be risky for her at the airport. She felt she was only helping out a friend, but she obeyed Daddy and put the parcel away.

The day had finally arrived, she woke up feeling very excited. She had packed all she had to, and now waiting to get on the plane was all that was left to do, her flight was at night. Her Dad took her to the airport, helped her check in, and with all other things she had to do there. Then she had to go through immigration service, there her Dad wasn’t allowed to pass through so he kissed her goodbye, and told her to say a prayer when she got on the plane. He stood behind a huge window and watched her. He kept watching, until he was sure everything was all right and left only when she was no longer in sight.

God does the same thing, just like the girl’s father watched over her and made sure she was all right. When we’re asleep in our comfy beds, it’s the dear Lord who keeps watch over us.In anything we do, He is there, making sure we are safe. He loves us so much and never wants to see us fail. If we took time to listen to His voice each day, we would find joy in everything we did. He cares so much for us, let us listen to Him and obey His commandments.

Jeremiah 29:11 —->For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.