The End

When you know, you know

Unmistakable synergy

The senses relaying,

The tragic news

But it’s the switch

The transition, the click

The crossover

Immediate and sudden

Burden is delivered

Guilt casts over

The silent ache, reverberating

This, the soundtrack to the loss of child


When the hours are long gone

And we ache in our bones

A place of rest, we find to repose

So we close our eyes, and curl our toes

And for some hours or more, our troubles subside

But in the middle of the night, we awaken wide

And are reminded once again of our pending perils

Wishing we could sleep forever, take some sleeping pills

To forget all our worries and put them on hold

But it continues years and years, till we are frail and old

Realizing then, the fallacies on TV we’ve been sold

Only maybe, we’d be closer to a forever sleep

Shutting our eyes, one final time, with all our uncertainties buried away deep.


Two men and the flag

I woke up

To two men at my door.

With a flag, folded

And words to console.


I knew when I saw them.

The knight was gone.

They asked to come in.

These two men, and the flag.


There and then.

Caught up in a gaze

I saw their lips move

But I wasn’t hearing their words


A bed for two.

Breakfast going cold

Seconds chased the minutes

Soon it would be a day since…


My knees wobbled,

Today was that tragic day

Two men, and the flag

Instead of the love of my life.














Lonesome Warriors, Mere Mortals


Mortals lonesome,

Have stirred the winds.

Danced with the raging tides.

Their feet marking their feats.


Mortals, warriors

The rains bring down their ashes.

There it is in the air,

Glorious sentiments in showers.


Mortals birthed,

Warriors unearthed .

Ashes disperse from death,

Their legend as told, by the hearth.




Who’s Loving You Tonight

Crying to the world you arrived

Your heartbeat, her favourite song

Growth be tardy, she desired

So to be by you, gone never too long

Who’s loving you tonight

Don’t you feel lonely ever

Mama’s here to hold you tight

That special lady, like no other.


Crying to the world when she departed

Her heartbeat silent, a sad song

Growth be tardy, you had desired

So to be by her, visits never held off too long

Who’s loving you tonight

She watches over you forever

Till you someday grace her sight

That special woman, like no other.




Two became one, you and me
A match made in Heaven
Hit the road in the bright red chevy
You sang to me and I was smitten.
I held your hand, knowing this was forever
Thank God for you, and ever so beautiful the weather

Two became three, baby on board
You loved your girls, and we loved you back
Morning hikes, picnics and fishing in the pond
Everyday was paradise, dreams on track
I slept at night, knowing we were safe
Thank God for you, I will never trade.

A champion you were, and a loving husband
Terminally ill, but your light still shone
Numbered days, but you made them count
And I needn’t doubt that forever was still the plan
She held on to me asking if you would be alright
I told her to thank God for her father, a sterling knight.

Bright is the Sunday morning, we visit your resting place
Fresh are the memories, and we honour you
Today, my love we remember you in this sacred space
A loving husband and father who did all he had to do
Five years to this day, forever was a story began
Your daughter and I, we miss you a ton,
And we know you’re with the angels.

The Violinist















Will these strings betoken bravery?

Breathe, and then I play,

Will these chords console the lachrymose,
Weep not, but how can I?

Will this chorale tend scarred hearts?
A prayer to say, the rest to God.
Will the silence in this sanctuary cease to echo?
Oh how it speaks so loudly.

Will I play to turn back time?
Only so, with my eyes closed.
Will memories flood the hall and offer reassurance ?
My shaky fingers, they fret about this bow.
But I pray as I play.

These strings, my emotions they control,
Forgiveness is not a new thing
These chords, they heal
Closure is not a stranger.
The chorale, we sing in commemoration,
Heroes in our eyes, always .
The violinist, composed but visibly emotional,
Her violin, bespeaks the aftermath of 9/11.


A darling is gone, not forgotten

The weather dull, it tells of the pain

Tears fall, disbelief and sorrow, a darling departed all of a sudden

Seconds before, minutes ago, days past when a joyous soul was alive, and had more to attain

Stark silence, grief-stricken faces, memories are all of what’s left behind.

A legacy perhaps, a fortune maybe, or, what was considered a strong presence felt, but now it’s too late to rewind.


A darling is resting, resting in peace,

Cheer up all folk, be assured that thou is in good hands.

Gone are all words spoken, good or bad, let all backbiting cease!

The past whether lived well or not, who are we to judge?

Our Maker and Creator, The Omnipotent God decides, not anyone else.

So, so, people talk, but do they know? Different shoes all have different walking styles.


A darling is remembered, celebrate the wonderful memories,

You and I are blessed to have been a part of the life story.

No more tears, but calm minds and happy faces, do share your pleasantries.

Commemorate the laughter and joy you once had, end the spell of worry.

Believe that the special one looks down and is blissful,

The sight of happy friends and family is once again refreshing and beautiful.