As you find yourself

Chasing after your dreams

Bringing life to your desires

There’s a meanwhile

That encircles you

Our Creator, Our God

He knows best

He wants for us

What will exceed

Our highest expectations

Dear one,

Fret not,

Over what’s on the other side of the fence

But in the meantime

Floating in the meanwhile

Be content, and also ready yourself

For a forever blessing


Tower of refuge

They say You are

But to get to You,

Is going to take some effort

Lord be my helper

As I find my way to You

Tower of restoration

I’ve heard You are

But I’m deceived,

By the people so few

Lord quench the lying voices

That stay manipulating my thoughts

Tower of Purpose

Stay right where You are

Because I’m not losing You this time

Be it bend or bump on the way

I’m coming to You Lord

Sometime between sunset and sunrise

The Bounded Lake

There is a time I cry

Tears pour out a lake

Carrying me afloat

Where grief is humming its tune

Oh the Lord knows I cry

But He sets the pastures 

That bound this lake

Green, green pastures of hope

Oh, I cry in slumber

The people, unaware

To cry, is to be strong

To cry, is to visit the bounded lake


I wanted to pray
But would God forgive me,
If I went down on my knees?
(James 5:16)

I wanted to pray
But my need was trivial
Would He care?
(1 John 5:14-15)

I wanted to pray
But I forgot to the other day
Would my inconsistency anger Him?
(Jeremiah 29:12)

I wanted to pray
But life was happening
Maybe He could wait.
(Colossians 4:2)

I wanted to pray
But sleep was calling
Would he remember me when I wake?
(Psalm 42:8)

I wanted to pray
But I didn’t have the words
What use was an empty heart and mind?
(Romans 8:26)

I wanted to pray
But the outcome was here
What more was needed?
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I wanted to pray
But I made all these excuses
Thinking it was too late.
(Psalm 118:5)

Christmas Eve


Skies laden with stars so bright
See rooftops adorned with colored lights,

Carols chase the still winds,

And the bells are sounding

But behind this frosted window

It still is Christmas Eve.



Beneath the tree, presents galore,

Some to be opened at Christmas dawn

See the households rejoice and feast,

The world awaits the Saviour’s birth

A time to reflect, spread love and joy

It still is the eve before Christmas Day.



People crowd the streets and they cheer,

All come together, far and near.

Give heartily, sing merrily,

Love wholly, eat fully

The King is born in some hours

But for now it is still Christmas Eve.



Anticipation has chased the hours away

And the little ones croon in beds as they lay

The King of kings, He lies swathed in a manger

Meek and humble is our born Saviour.

Christmas is here with her precious gift.

Awesome God

Night is nigh,

I must say a prayer

I look up to the Most High,

He never fails to deliver.


In good times and bad times,

I will trust and obey

You have shown to mankind,

To salvation, you are the only way!


I will boast of you to the crowds,

They will hear of you Lord.

Even those with hearts so proud,

Eventually your glory they will accord


The people must know,

Of this Awesome God

Each day, new mercies bestowed,

Oh His name, I will forever uphold.


Night is nigh,

I must say a prayer.

Your ways I admire,

And I wish to bask in Thy favour.




Let Down The Chains

Let down the chains O’Lord,

For I’ve been a prisoner in pain

Fix me O’Lord,

Broken I am, with no name.

My foes, they mock me

They tread on my victories,

O’Lord teach them endearment.

And instill in me a heart of forgiveness

Guide me O’Lord,

Treachery fills their souls

But my trust in you ever so firm.

For I glory in tribulations with a Mighty God,

Who forever reigns,

O’Lord let down the chains

My Lord is Here



Wake up at dawn, My Lord is good,

The beauty of creation, love it exudes.

I pray that Thee will grant me grace,

For today’s journey in every place.


Even when it’s silent, My Lord is near

I meditate and listen to Thy voice ever so clear

Master speak, your will be done.

Now, tomorrow and forever on this land.


Shadows lurk, and temptations rally,

Steadfast I remain, For my Lord is by me.

When in danger, I am at ease

Knowing that my faith shall make it cease.


Every night, I must give thanks

For as I lay, He stretches His protective hands,

I rest, knowing that My Lord is here

And that safe I am, with nothing to fear.





He is risen, He is alive

My Lord is risen, hitherto crucified,

I am saved, because for me He died

But today He is risen, rejoice and be glad


No Greater love than that Thou hast shown

My Lord is King, He has risen and my sins atoned

He lives though by the people, betrayed and disowned

Go see, open is the tomb stone.


He Is Risen.




Omnipotent God


Lord waiting on You is my pastime.
I take joy in knowing You’re planning a surprise for me
I’ll wait till it’s right, because You have my interest at heart.
Lord I’ll listen when You tell me no,
Your mysterious ways crown me victorious.
My perfection in everything is nothing compared to your outstanding doings.
Indeed the mountains bow down at your feet,
The waves roar at your call,
And the sea’s horizon, unending just like your love for me.
A sinner on bended knees, The King shows me mercy.
A Just God, unfailing in His ways, and a keeper of His word.
Lord when I stray, when I’m at the edge of my downfall,
You say, I who have been disobedient is forgiven?
Oh Wonderful God, kindness is your utensil.
The ingredient is love, and the ladle?
That’s Your protection, if I stay in the bounds of showing You reverence.
Masterful Creator, Your invention is the greatest.
Teacher of goodness, I want to imitate.
Surround me and bless me Lord.
I will worship You and You alone.
The world, a bridge to Your holy place.
Shaky, telling of how easy it is to lose balance, the balance of being in the world and not of it.
Praises to The King, who has shown me the greatest love.
I have Faith in the Lord.
My prayers, unceasing will draw me nearer to You.
Mighty God I trust You forever.

My life belongs to you Lord

 So what more do you want, before you give Him all the Glory?

You wake up each day, someone did not,

You travel all over the world as a tourist, and nature makes you amazed by what you see

God is slow to get angry, ever merciful, we sin yet He forgives the whole lot.

His Son died to set us all free,

Tell me what kind of Love is that?

As for me, I will praise Him, Lord I will praise Thee,

Thy hand is set on me, and I know I’m always in your thoughts.


Trust In Jesus

He is ever so THOUGHTFUL

No day goes by without me wanting to show REVERENCE

Give me your UNDERSTANDING oh Lord,

Such SELFLESSNESS He showed when He gave His life for us

I will invest TIME in doing things to His will

He will shepherd you according to the INTEGRITY of His heart

NOBILITY is written all over Him

JESUS is Lord forever.

I will continue to show ENDURANCE in my Saviour.

I will be a SUBMISSIVE servant and not disobey

He is UNPRETENTIOUS in all His ways.

My SUCCESS is assured when I involve Him in my plans.