Night of…

Night of laments

So why do I see the stars?

For every mistake, a choice I made

Night so contoured

Why do I sense hope?

The haze, slowly fading into the horizon

Night, of…restoration

Certainly must be

Regrets are in the distant

I Should Go

My eyes must unsee
False hope and regret.
Before we lose our sanity
I should go…

My hands must unlock your grip
Know a freedom of their own.
Before we pull back into embrace
I should go…

My body must unlearn
A home it once knew.
Before we cross the line
I should go…

Have I Settled

He’s in the shower
I sit at the nightstand
Wiping off lip rouge
Taking off my dainty pearls

The moon appears
And I can hear the wind whistling
For a moment I’m fixated in a distant past
Remembering vividly, the tryst, that tryst

A common visitor, this curiosity
Mere seconds only,
I cannot help but ask…
‘Have I settled?’

Dead Feelings














A voice familiar,

Moves me no more

I harbour no feelings

Autumn leaves bless my feet

I know not how to love you again

So don’t come knocking on my door.


You mutter sweet words

But I am unswayed

A future no longer robbed by memories,

I loved to the moon and back

And stay put where I find myself

So don’t you come promising me the stars.


Bound to you no more

Shackles broken, I am free

I can love again

I embrace the new found hope

Because you are dead to me

And I  have you buried under the autumn leaves.















Today it happened.




They disappeared.


Today, it felt much easier,

To forget,

To focus,

To let go,

It was liberating.


Today I found a place

To shelter happiness

To beam endlessly,

To breed peace,

A place so freeing.


Today I joined the extroverts

I laughed,

I made faces,

I was the life of the party,

Plain déjà vu.


Today, I figured out moving on

I learnt how to let go,

I mastered the art of happy living,

I didn’t miss you as much as before,

Today it happened, I am found.




A crying Marilyn Monroe

A sad goddess sits bewildered.

Disdain is building up inside,

A glass of wine to drown the pain,

The dark clouds have gathered,

The picture perfect reflection is veiled.

Dreams are shattered, Passion is a traitor

A long face, eyes red

She plunged tonight, love made her fall,

Mirror mirror on the wall, She’s the saddest of them all.


Oh Beauty where hides thy radiance?

Mascara remnants and shaky hands betray her malaise,

Feigning confidence earlier that she would be okay,

But resentment is harboring  in a void so deep.

It hurts now, tomorrow it will, and the days after.

Crying Marilyn, be strong, solace is on the way.

Letting Go







The moon saw my eyes and dimmed a little,
When I told them you said you would go and never come back.
Fireflies gathered round and made me feel warm.
I spoke to the wind, asking if I would be okay?
And it simply made me swirl around merrily.
The lake formed an image of a happy girl, her heart smiling out and looking towards a bright future.
So letting go is what I do. Every mistake is a lesson for the future.
The following morning was reminiscent of how I searched for your star last night.
The one that lit up the whole sky and made my previous nights beautiful.
I gave it back; someday it would make another soul’s night beautiful like it did for mine.I told the flowers which were all up in my face as if to offer themselves as hankies that my tears were saved for joyous occasions henceforth,

Those days I couldn’t breathe, today the thorns decided that every other day from now on would be a field day.

The stones, they said to me they would stay out of my way so I wouldn’t stumble or fall.
The doors of happiness said they wouldn’t shut me out like you did
And the usually rapid rivers said for my sake they would carry me gently to the ‘forgetting you island’.