I wanted to pray
But would God forgive me,
If I went down on my knees?
(James 5:16)

I wanted to pray
But my need was trivial
Would He care?
(1 John 5:14-15)

I wanted to pray
But I forgot to the other day
Would my inconsistency anger Him?
(Jeremiah 29:12)

I wanted to pray
But life was happening
Maybe He could wait.
(Colossians 4:2)

I wanted to pray
But sleep was calling
Would he remember me when I wake?
(Psalm 42:8)

I wanted to pray
But I didn’t have the words
What use was an empty heart and mind?
(Romans 8:26)

I wanted to pray
But the outcome was here
What more was needed?
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I wanted to pray
But I made all these excuses
Thinking it was too late.
(Psalm 118:5)

I Saw God


Pictures taken during my stay in Oslo

I saw God,

He approached me at the shoreline

Gently and calmly,

He tickled my toes

And He and I locked in an embrace,

As I awed in paradise.


I saw God,

At the mountain top, as he arched the sky

Colourful and a delightful sight,

He brought me joy

And he taught me gratitude

As my senses narrated the creation story.


I saw God,

As he fed the greens

Pitter patter, drop by drop,

Till each had their share,

Though thunder roared and lightning struck,

He reminded me to seek the light in the dark.


I saw God,

As He peered over my Grandma,

He held her hand and finally gave her rest

Although I cried as I would miss her dearly,

He made sure to give me comfort,

When she smiled her last and parted with Him


I saw God,

On the day of my matrimony.

The angels rejoiced, and He beamed all day

My soulmate, long promised, stared in my eyes

And I saw a love so pure, that signified my forever.

The right time had come in glory everlasting.


I’ve seen the Lord,

And I see Him each day.

When the sun rises, and reclines for the moon,

When the trees dance as hit by the breeze,

God is ever present, ever loving,

God is nature, God is love.







He is risen, He is alive

My Lord is risen, hitherto crucified,

I am saved, because for me He died

But today He is risen, rejoice and be glad


No Greater love than that Thou hast shown

My Lord is King, He has risen and my sins atoned

He lives though by the people, betrayed and disowned

Go see, open is the tomb stone.


He Is Risen.