Good Morning, Good Night

I thought about you

So I texted to say good morning

And then I thought about you some more

My text, as useful as an unsent one

I thought about you

So I texted to say good night

Then came dawn, but no response

And so I thought some more

Something about a good morning text

A little sweetness to my day,

Something about a good night text

Soothing, for some sound sleep,

Like a pinch of salt or a spritz of perfume,

Blush on my cheeks for a pop of color,

Like a drop of water, making a mighty ocean

The little things go so far

The fewest of words may change a day,

For tomorrow isn’t given

The fewest of words, may be the last you ever say,

Because sleep may come and be deep

So good morning, my dear

I thought of you

And I pray you have a good night

Godwilling, you hear from me on the morrow


Dawn breaks, ready to muck out night’s muddle

Soon the birds shall welcome the sunrise


Prayers as calm winds, roam the city

As whispers of supplication, chime in chorus.


Some, after a long night’s booze

Have barely made it to bed for a snooze


While vernal cohorts, engage in tittle-tattle

Their phone backlights, illuminating a global map.


Others with hardened hearts lie vexed

Whiling away time, with thoughts of contempt


Not to forget the creative owls

Pooling in inspiration from the ebony aura


Soon the sun shall rise, to usher in the day

And gone with the night, its thrilling bustle


See every Tom, Dick and Harry wake

In whatever manner they do.

Grumpy or thankful

Refreshed or still jaded.


The blush of dawn knocks at our windows

Pleading that we don’t disturb the morning.