“I know I can trust you, but…”

Trust, like a tree in autumn

Questioned by the unknown

I know I can trust you, but…

Said branches to leaves

Said leaves to branches

Trust may break

Trust may be shaken

Trust may be lost, completely

Like a leaf in autumn,

One may feel betrayed

When suddenly let go

By whom they thought as their backbone

High up on cloud nine

Left to a plunging, cold fall

Like a branch in autumn

One may be shockingly abandoned

By leaves that leave

One may be made a fool of

By leaves that threaten to leave

That may be you, shaken, broken inside

Trust, like a tree in autumn

Broken by the unpredictable

I know I can trust you, but…

Broken Wells

I know a thing or two

About broken wells


Of a broken heart

Quenching their thirst

I know a thing or two

About the broken-hearted

Drawing and drawing,

The well, almost bare.

And when broken, none seems to care

I know a thing or two

About these two, broken well, broken heart

But I wish I had earlier known

That one would leave

Right after the mend and quench

Once Upon A Time










Once upon a time…


There was an understanding,

He and I,

We just bonded.


There was a connection,

He and I,

We were soulmates.


There was a spark,

He and I,

We were fire ablaze.


There was a misunderstanding,

He and I,

Thunder versus lightning.


There was a disconnect,

He and I,

Strangers to be.


There was a quench,

He and I,

A flame put out.


There was a memory,

He and I,

But now we are history.

Marilyn’s Perils



Cinder in the fireplace

Liquor empty decanters

The knife is in the hands of a pretty face

Somebody doeth wrong,

She, that is swathed in taffeta.

The moonlight entering darkness’ territory

Knife, back in its case, she ascends the stairs

He that is visibly absent, she imagines as her escort.

Breaking into a short-lived smile, the flashbacks start haunting,

That dance on the rooftop, where for another he professed love.

Scarlet she wore, heartache she bore.

Tears staining the fingertips of her white satin glove

She, She had it all, but betrayal, She never saw coming

Entering the chamber, She is deep in thought.

The night is beautiful, and still young

Climbing out the window,  surveying the rocky backyard,

The unthinkable plays at the back of her mind, a dirge waiting to be sang.

Chills through her body, hand imprints on the wall,

She steps back through the window and down onto the floorboard

Walking past the dresser into the bathroom,

The tap she leaves running to fill the tub, entering when half full

Still in her attire, she submerges.

One… two… three… her face appears at the water’s surface

Again under water, but reappearing seconds later

Wrapped with a towel, she’s reclined on the bed with a lost gaze

Tragedy avoided three times, sheer folly!

Heartache, insanity, they’ve kept her company.




Don’t want to talk

Don’t want to go to work

It’s one of those days, I can only sulk

My heart has me tied to an anchor

Ready to drown in her ocean of tears

And it’s you, You’re the cause of my relapse.

I’d rather sit and be lost in my thoughts

The good times, the regrets, the ‘What ifs’

Who knew silence could put on a show worthy of applause

Come see my insides, see how I subtly grieve

But you and the world shouldn’t know,

That I’ve been hiding the hints of my sorrow

And it’s you, You’re the cause of my relapse.

How hard my lips work,

When all they want is to tremble, but force a smile instead

Loneliness steals my happiness, leaving me a wreck

And time, the anti-painkiller doesn’t make forgetting easy

I miss you, and I know it’s crazy

But every ounce of my body just wants you back

I relapse and you’re the cause.

Relapsing, I walk through a crowd, seeing no one

Voices everywhere, but all I hear is my heart crying

Eyes opened or closed, the only visual image is of you

Moving on seems like a myth now.

I’m relapsing, how will I pull through?

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A crying Marilyn Monroe

A sad goddess sits bewildered.

Disdain is building up inside,

A glass of wine to drown the pain,

The dark clouds have gathered,

The picture perfect reflection is veiled.

Dreams are shattered, Passion is a traitor

A long face, eyes red

She plunged tonight, love made her fall,

Mirror mirror on the wall, She’s the saddest of them all.


Oh Beauty where hides thy radiance?

Mascara remnants and shaky hands betray her malaise,

Feigning confidence earlier that she would be okay,

But resentment is harboring  in a void so deep.

It hurts now, tomorrow it will, and the days after.

Crying Marilyn, be strong, solace is on the way.