Miss Shelly

Miss Shelly

I call her

For she’s spared these eyes

A humbling moment

I hope that I too

Will someday be a Miss Shelly

She’s clothed in dungarees, blonde hair in a messy bun

She cradles her wee one, who’s also matching her khaki jacket

Miss Shelly

Ever so protective

Very much the doting mother

She loves on her little one

And me? I watch

Till his eyes meet mine

Baby chuckles in delight

What a wonderful sight to behold

Ah Miss Shelly!

She’d do anything for him

She’d put herself last

Miss Shelly, go on and be blessed

And I can’t help but think

Of all the purest connections

My eyes have made

With the very young and innocent

I wish they’d remember

I wish that, this could someday make them smile

I wish they’d know, how for a few minutes

They had made a stranger’s day

The End

When you know, you know

Unmistakable synergy

The senses relaying,

The tragic news

But it’s the switch

The transition, the click

The crossover

Immediate and sudden

Burden is delivered

Guilt casts over

The silent ache, reverberating

This, the soundtrack to the loss of child

Before my own

Wee one, rocking in my arms
You are before my own
Unconditional love as this, you wouldn’t see no harm
My baby on loan

Hold onto me as I sing to you
Chuckle, grunt, be free
I’d be that too
You are here before my own

Coo at me, smile a river’s breadth
You mightn’t remember times as this
But you’ve molded me nurturer
Practising for when my own seed is sown

Who’s Loving You Tonight

Crying to the world you arrived

Your heartbeat, her favourite song

Growth be tardy, she desired

So to be by you, gone never too long

Who’s loving you tonight

Don’t you feel lonely ever

Mama’s here to hold you tight

That special lady, like no other.


Crying to the world when she departed

Her heartbeat silent, a sad song

Growth be tardy, you had desired

So to be by her, visits never held off too long

Who’s loving you tonight

She watches over you forever

Till you someday grace her sight

That special woman, like no other.




She’s  pretty and quite an old lady,

That’s my Mama!

She does the hardest job ever with such grace,

That is She!

She’s the best, She’s the most beautiful, She’s the ever-caring, She’s an Optimist

She’s my mother, and I will love her forever.

She’s a full-time chef,did you know that?

She’s a doctor, she’s a nurse,when I’m sick she makes me feel better

She’s all these wonderful people, all in one!

My Mama has super powers, and I’ve always been intrigued!

She talks with her eyes, she recovers the things I never find.

There’s only one person up for this, and that’s my Mama!

For nine months, she carried me! A package of trouble and mischief 😉

But she still called me the most wonderful gift she’s ever had, that’s My Mama.

So today, I share this tribute, to the most beautiful(I won’t stop saying that) woman in my life, the glamorous and

elegant, the kind and soft hearted, the peacemaker! She is TINA 🙂  that’s my Mama.