Azure Tides

I pray the azure tides meet you

Where you would feel through and through

Maybe then you’d steer with surety


I pray the azure tides bear not stormy billows

That match the fog and daze your head carries

For uncertainty, is a boat without oars


I pray the azure tides wouldn’t be too long

That I go to meet them elsewhere

What a shame then, that you and I could have been.


When your heart is breaking

Oh the moonlight knows too well

To have serenaded, yet been rejected

Sent away with midnight blues


When your heart is breaking

Oh the moonlight knows too well

To watch the one you love, love another

Desperately yearn for another


When your heart is breaking

Oh the moonlight knows too well

For he chased the sea and drowned in pain

Watching her gentle waves embrace the lighthouse


Lovers tiff, they near their brink

Almost, amounts to naught

The ‘what ifs’, the ‘could have beens’, all sunk deep

Almost, it spearheads the shipwreck.


Lovers distant, but in love

And almost is to blame for the wedge

Happy endings in search of the shores

Almost, repels, casting them to tides high.


Reflection in the waters, portraying an image of ecstasy

As I take each step, I feel the chilliness move through my body

No turning around, the mist sprayed onto my body as if it were perfume

I go faster and the waters hold onto the train of my white, silky,nightshirt

Dancing in the waves like I have no care, eyes wide open, the vision is too good to be true

I float gently and the vast waters exude serenity, touching my skin like velvet

My wet hair clings to my face,  I never want this  feeling to end.

Then there’s a sudden pull on me, taking me further and further

The waves have gotten stronger but I’m not troubled,

                They toss me and batter me but the connection between us has been forged

I can’t help it; if it’s bad then it feels good

I feel the rush, I feel the need

Running right into it, a sense of jamais vu

Calm or raging, I’ll dive deep

Because this ocean is my haven.

I embrace the tides and the surging waves, pleasure found in this addiction

Whooshing waters carry me away and barricade me from escape

I am a water goddess, I think to myself as the waters reach towards my nape.