I know of her

That many have chased

Her, that has kept time waiting

Her, that has taught many patience

I know of her

A beautiful sight to behold

Chase if you must

Because she is a beauty!

But on some days

She’s chasing me

She’s stalking me

She’s many a warm hue

And for some minutes, she lingers

Streaking curtains, painting walls

Even bold to caress a face

But not for long

Sunset, she is

A feisty orange

A flaming red

Sometimes, a hypnotizing pink

The Man with One Chair

The man with one chair

Likes to sit alone

One will catch a glimpse of him

When the worn out country sun

To the horizon, has gone

The man with one chair

A beer for company

But in his thoughts

Miss Alabama, is wandering

Can you fathom this mystery?

That man with one chair

Won’t be alone for too long

Till sweet lil’ Miss Alabama

Goes sashaying his way

Wowing just enough, to capture his gaze

A capture of two now in her trove

The man with one chair

May soon give out his seat

Props out to Miss Alabama

For stealing his gaze, his heart and now, his chair

Where Country Meets Sunset


Like a country girl

In white taffeta



Like vino

Staining the white shift dress


In sync

Like a happy go lucky belle

Sunset gazing



Like a flushed faced damsel

Thinking of her James Dean


Pretty purples, these swaying bluebells

At her feet

White taffeta, pollen stained


One plus one

Equals two

Where country meets sunset