“I know I can trust you, but…”

Trust, like a tree in autumn

Questioned by the unknown

I know I can trust you, but…

Said branches to leaves

Said leaves to branches

Trust may break

Trust may be shaken

Trust may be lost, completely

Like a leaf in autumn,

One may feel betrayed

When suddenly let go

By whom they thought as their backbone

High up on cloud nine

Left to a plunging, cold fall

Like a branch in autumn

One may be shockingly abandoned

By leaves that leave

One may be made a fool of

By leaves that threaten to leave

That may be you, shaken, broken inside

Trust, like a tree in autumn

Broken by the unpredictable

I know I can trust you, but…


Babies, pure till they meet the world

But what is and isn’t doubt, before it’s stripped ?

We only then will know

When the medium that bears it

Is cast away

Drumroll, drumroll please…

I give you, present to you, the benefit of doubt

Let the innocence of the white snow

Make all seem without flaw

Let their footsteps

Reveal a sense of direction

But in reality

There is a story to every footstep

There is no doubt, but this, you do not see

Till the snow melts away

Till the footsteps no longer tread one way

Till the footsteps of a stripped innocence

Come knocking at your door

In an unexpected cold winter

To serve you back

Leaving no doubt, whatsoever

The Sky is on fire


Oblivious, this world,

Beautiful lies a-layering

It’s raining bullets, war is waging

Smile-stamped face so they cannot tell

The sky is on fire, the sky is on fire.


Deceitful, porcelain face,

Cracks of secrets, concealing

Battles of the heart, pieces need mending

Break a leg, you actor, so they cannot tell,

The sky is on fire, the sky is on fire.


The rose flower, asunder.

Slowly I crumble, all is not well,

Fighting a battle as I wander

But they cannot tell,

They see not my hell,

The sky is on fire

The sky is on fire.


Disconcerting, these voices.

Louder, the chaos so overwhelming

It’s a tug of war in my head ensuing,

Bottle it up, human, so they cannot tell,

The sky is on fire, the sky is on fire.