Night of…

Night of laments

So why do I see the stars?

For every mistake, a choice I made

Night so contoured

Why do I sense hope?

The haze, slowly fading into the horizon

Night, of…restoration

Certainly must be

Regrets are in the distant

How many more sighs

Gone are the hours of yesterday

And dawn, knocks behind the window pane

Before we let her in,

There are some matters to resolve

A worrisome heart and a pondering mind

Loud is the silence

But louder is The Voice

Beseeching and reassuring,

That we worry not about the morrow

And spare some minutes to rest

But stubborn as we are,

Owing to our human nature

We toss, turn and fret

And try to reconcile with hope,

With one question taunting, “How many more sighs, Lord ?”


From what was a hushed night

We have now, morning

The silence remnants,

Still enveloping creek and corner

Soon it will have competition

When with sunrise, comes the bustle

And with the bustle, comes the hustle

The hustle, bringing forth a new chapter

The living are readying

To attack the day

Such zeal, such motivation

Pot scoops of such, invaluable

A brand new day

For the lonesome, the nurturers

For the caretakers, the peacemakers

Even more brilliant of a day, for a dreamer


some fall in love

others love the idea of love

some thirst for water

others sip champagne in delight


i’ve fallen for you

you’re a scarf to smoothen out of place strands

you’re velvet to skin

cognac to the lost weeper

tea drank by the grassy bank

a sail to brave through strong winds and tides

pot of gold under the rainbow

a listener, comforter

nurse to the banes of my life

Where Country Meets Sunset


Like a country girl

In white taffeta



Like vino

Staining the white shift dress


In sync

Like a happy go lucky belle

Sunset gazing



Like a flushed faced damsel

Thinking of her James Dean


Pretty purples, these swaying bluebells

At her feet

White taffeta, pollen stained


One plus one

Equals two

Where country meets sunset

Man and His Oak

The two

One seeking, one looking to be found

The two

Have one, an ache that is anticipation

The two

The Carpenter and the Oak.


Seemingly symbiotic loving,

But what materialized, the end indeed

Chameleon loving.

In all hues, till death

And in death, see the hues, now blackened.


At first sight, as we know, love

Thus began the fairytale

Man and the Oak

Leaves evergreen, nature’s centerpiece

And in her wait to be adored

In her wait to be found

She anticipated gratitude.


Man and his cherished Oak

Man, very much in control

Oak, naively besotted

Oh he changed her!

And she didn’t mind, because love…

Each day he carved her

An edge here, a curve there

Man, the Carpenter

Man, the Refiner

He wanted her perfect

Her beautiful flaws, he smoothened out

He wanted shine

Her grainy appearance, he glossed up

Man and his polished Oak

His anticipation, that his efforts be rewarded

And that was so, by his “work of art”


But what happened next

Tragic, love so tragic!

He, Man, sought after another Oak

He, Man, gave her out, without blinking

And her forever now,

Anger, resentment, shame and unhappiness

Trapped in a cocoon

Stripped of raw beauty

Exposed, and he, Man, had not cared


Man and His Oak

This is what he did to nature.


I Saw God


Pictures taken during my stay in Oslo

I saw God,

He approached me at the shoreline

Gently and calmly,

He tickled my toes

And He and I locked in an embrace,

As I awed in paradise.


I saw God,

At the mountain top, as he arched the sky

Colourful and a delightful sight,

He brought me joy

And he taught me gratitude

As my senses narrated the creation story.


I saw God,

As he fed the greens

Pitter patter, drop by drop,

Till each had their share,

Though thunder roared and lightning struck,

He reminded me to seek the light in the dark.


I saw God,

As He peered over my Grandma,

He held her hand and finally gave her rest

Although I cried as I would miss her dearly,

He made sure to give me comfort,

When she smiled her last and parted with Him


I saw God,

On the day of my matrimony.

The angels rejoiced, and He beamed all day

My soulmate, long promised, stared in my eyes

And I saw a love so pure, that signified my forever.

The right time had come in glory everlasting.


I’ve seen the Lord,

And I see Him each day.

When the sun rises, and reclines for the moon,

When the trees dance as hit by the breeze,

God is ever present, ever loving,

God is nature, God is love.