Night of…

Night of laments

So why do I see the stars?

For every mistake, a choice I made

Night so contoured

Why do I sense hope?

The haze, slowly fading into the horizon

Night, of…restoration

Certainly must be

Regrets are in the distant


Babies, pure till they meet the world

But what is and isn’t doubt, before it’s stripped ?

We only then will know

When the medium that bears it

Is cast away

Drumroll, drumroll please…

I give you, present to you, the benefit of doubt

Let the innocence of the white snow

Make all seem without flaw

Let their footsteps

Reveal a sense of direction

But in reality

There is a story to every footstep

There is no doubt, but this, you do not see

Till the snow melts away

Till the footsteps no longer tread one way

Till the footsteps of a stripped innocence

Come knocking at your door

In an unexpected cold winter

To serve you back

Leaving no doubt, whatsoever

Break Free


Behind closed doors

I embrace the darkness

Reclaiming my wings, so I can soar

Home in a hell, I fight the madness

My secret to how I escape it all.


Rubbishing thoughts of pills and knives,

I paint out the dark, in hope’s hues

Suddenly my prison, unwalled, I arise

The voices, they quieten down bemused

Pain and hurt, I have fought in disguise.


The panic and fear, I control

Seeking the blank space in scribbled chaos

Ignoring shortcuts lest I lose my soul.

I patiently await when this will pay off,

Soon I will be out of the rabbit hole


Happy yourself, lost one, it shall be well

Break free, you can, from this imaginary cell

Close your eyes, Stand up to shadows

Fight out the lies, soon you’ll gracefully tread meadows


I shut my eyes, and find my space,

Where all I fear, I face with might!

I rise like an eagle, victorious from the haze

Breaking free, soaring up high as a kite.