If I was a Barbie doll, oh how pretty I would be,

But I’m not a doll, and you think of me as ugly.

In this world we live in, we tend to compare,

Almighty Creator you aren’t, so dear one judge me not,

And don’t let me shed tears.



 Blouses and skirts, yes I dress to impress

I worked to earn a living, such hardwork it was, I must confess!

So judge me not If I tend to be flashy

A life of comfort is the fruit of my labour

Please don’t assume I’m being superior



 I work three jobs to support myself

This burgeoning belly of mine, I’m pregnant, yes, you can tell

You call me a dropout or a girl who’s lost her way

But you don’t know that I was raped on my way home from visiting my mother’s grave,

So judge me not by calling me names

You know not my plight, dear one, our lives aren’t the same.



If I tend to go off at a tangent, please don’t think I’m insane,

You know not my condition, please try not to be vain

Multiple personality disorder is my life forever,

Tell me how many people would understand even if I told them my predicament?

So dear one, dear one,  judge me not and see me as a fool

I’d very much love to be me though I end up as a recluse.

29 thoughts on “DEAR ONE, JUDGE ME NOT

  1. Our world is full of judgements and perceptions. Most of them are incredibly wrong. I work in a women’s abuse shelter and have seen all of the women you have listed above in your post. For all of their differences, the one thing they have in common is that they are all judged. And it’s those very judgements that hold them back.
    Excellant post.


  2. My dear young woman… unless I am misjudging this, it is not fiction. If it is not fiction, it is a very compelling, heart-wrenching, yet not self-pitying, plea for understanding, both in and of yourself, and in others’ judgments of you.

    I found it very moving, and I’d like you to know that you have at least one person in the world now, a person who is fully behind you in whatever you may choose to do, or feel you need to do, to be your true self. You have such strength, I’m sure you will succeed in coming to your desired state of self-love, and will be able to share that strength with the child you now bear. I don’t think for a second you’ve lost your way; I believe you’ve found your own path, in spite of terrible pain, and rightly so.

    Please don’t settle for being a recluse; not everyone in this world is an asshole, hard as that may be to believe sometimes. And, you can always write to me, and be sure I will respond, with respect and only the most sincere wish to be of help. You only need to be alone if you wish it; I, and many others, are here for you when you are ready to be accepted, as you are …. Blessed Be, little sister, to all of your personalities…. may they all find unity of purpose in you….


  3. If I am wrong about this being fictional, and it is a story from imagination only, I would have to say…. Whew! Astounding! Insightful! Powerful imagery. Gripping and compelling. And well written…

    But, as I said above, if this springs from reality, then all I said above remains valid as well… in both of these comments, I have spoken nothing but what I believe to be Truth as I see it….


    1. Thank you for reading. Once again it’s purely fictional. I wrote this during my exam today in school. I had so much time and I felt bored. I decided to think about the things that people assume and how they end up being so far from the truth.This world is full of people who judge. But yes we will always have good people like yourself, who will have our backs no matter what. God Bless! 🙂


      1. Well, dear lady, I can only repeat, “Whew”, and add, “Wow!” Well done, and if you didn’t ace the grade for this, I’d be glad to speak with the teacher….to show them the error of their ways…. 😉

        As for the other part of the comments, all true from my heart. If you check out my blog now and then, I post a re-blog on a closely related subject on a daily basis, that of the abominable human trafficking and the sex trade slavery so prevalent around the globe…. mostly written by survivors of the sex trade who have found the strength to pull themselves out of slavery…. it might inspire you to read some of their true stories….. it certainly inspires me….


      2. I just did and I’m already inspired. I watched the video on child trafficking and read the poem about rape. I can’t wait to read more on these and help inspire. Thank you again.


  4. The written word is powerful and I also was uncertain how to “read” the poem and felt several voices speaking, I feel that it is very important to speak out about “judgement” and all of the false beliefs and conclusions that ruin our potential as people, society and so much more. I salute that you are using your voice. Stay true to your course, know that what you have to say matters. Love to you, Linda


  5. Who we were born was not our choice, we shouldn’t suffer based on non-choices in life. Thanks for sharing your words. Yes, people are judged all the time by how they look and what race they are and the color of their skin. None of it is a choice. Often those judgements put limits on the wrong thinking of the person with so much talent, they don’t even know they have because people always being judging and negative.


  6. I love this poem about these 4 different women, all wanting to be seen for who they really are, and not judged by outer appearances. Very good.


  7. Great writing. We are all so different, none better, none worst. The only way not to judge is to learn to love yourself as you are. If you accept your qualities and your flaws your weaknes and your strengh then you understand it and love it in others. Keep writing and thanks for stumbling on my post which allowed me to find yours.


  8. This is really good n true. We keep judging peeps evn tho we do not know their stories. Even tho we have never walked in their shoes… Very unfair! Thanks for writing this 🙂


  9. I like what you’ve done here with the morality. What I like even more is the different character personas and voices you present. It is almost like a play.


  10. I really enjoyed reading this also! Everyone judges from time to time…perhaps subconsciously…but if I catch myself doing so, I remind myself of what you’ve said above. Thanks for following me! Sending peace and joy to you!


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