Two became one, you and me
A match made in Heaven
Hit the road in the bright red chevy
You sang to me and I was smitten.
I held your hand, knowing this was forever
Thank God for you, and ever so beautiful the weather

Two became three, baby on board
You loved your girls, and we loved you back
Morning hikes, picnics and fishing in the pond
Everyday was paradise, dreams on track
I slept at night, knowing we were safe
Thank God for you, I will never trade.

A champion you were, and a loving husband
Terminally ill, but your light still shone
Numbered days, but you made them count
And I needn’t doubt that forever was still the plan
She held on to me asking if you would be alright
I told her to thank God for her father, a sterling knight.

Bright is the Sunday morning, we visit your resting place
Fresh are the memories, and we honour you
Today, my love we remember you in this sacred space
A loving husband and father who did all he had to do
Five years to this day, forever was a story began
Your daughter and I, we miss you a ton,
And we know you’re with the angels.

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