Peace Is No Longer Abstract


Peace is no longer abstract

Peace is a child covered in dust

Tossed and distressed

By the hands of war.


Peace rebukes in silence

Bleeds in the open

Pleads, begs

But will the world listen?


Peace is no longer abstract

Peace knocks on our door

Gently in chaos, once more

Look what we’ve done to peace.


My contribution to #PoetsforPeace

Two men and the flag

I woke up

To two men at my door.

With a flag, folded

And words to console.


I knew when I saw them.

The knight was gone.

They asked to come in.

These two men, and the flag.


There and then.

Caught up in a gaze

I saw their lips move

But I wasn’t hearing their words


A bed for two.

Breakfast going cold

Seconds chased the minutes

Soon it would be a day since…


My knees wobbled,

Today was that tragic day

Two men, and the flag

Instead of the love of my life.