Angst followed behind her

And promised to solemnize misery

He taunted, as she suppressed the nerves

And all she is, was not all she was.


Her heart thumped at the mention of her name

Her mind, as void as the genesis

The invisible leash latched on her

And her hands betrayed her calm


Eyes watching, pierced like needles

And she spoke each time with haste heightened.

As though trying not to drown,

As though slowly sinking in quick sand.


Oh she fought, but so fragilely,

And she wanted to conquer

But her broken self, she could not mend,

Her voice begged for sympathy.


All she is, she was not,

Angst, he took his bow.






32 thoughts on “ALL SHE IS, WAS NOT ALL SHE WAS

  1. Interesting blog I like the lay out – and the writing. I will be back for more. Thanks for coming to my blog. My main blog is at http :// It is a prison blog for the father of one of my grandsons I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.


  2. This powerful poem and image reminds me about a song about David Kelly, a weapons expert found dead after criticizing the invasion of Iraq.


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