Have you taken notice?

The ringing, have you heard?

That that fills the ear

Tuning out one, joy or despair,

Still images play one by one

And today, the world lost one soul.

Do you know of it?

The ringing, how it captivates

That that leaves us statuesque,

Lost in distant thoughts

The pain clear for all to see

And today the world will feel sorry.

How long till it stops?

The ringing, a force so strong

That that steals time and motion

Taming every inch of flesh,

Freezing emotions while it can

And today the world doesn’t matter.

14 thoughts on “THE RINGING

    1. Haha! Thank you. It shouldn’t matter anyway. Was referring to the various activities that we all bustle about with when we’re not lost in thoughts. Thanks for reading


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