There’s Something About You



I wish you spoke,

with the confidence you stare me down with.

I wish they’d see,

the light you cover up, though darkness eclipses.

There’s something about you.

Rare, desirable, commanding,

Yet it is fear, you choose.

I watch the way you sashay

with a sway, ever so delightful

I love from a distance,

everything you embody.

There’s something about you,

Unsparing, hearty, stunning.

Yet, theΒ spotlight you refuse.

They turn heads, and murmur,

at your very presence, they’re spellbound.

Some envy, others admire,

The crystal you are, a gemstone.

There’s something about you,

Wanted by all, precious, lustrous

Yet you don’t have a clue.

28 thoughts on “There’s Something About You

  1. Very beautiful, and you study engineering? ThatΒ΄s a departure from Literature, how do you do it? Is it because you are a woman and can multitask….Cause I can walk and talk at the same time too. I do get some words confused in the process but overall IΒ΄m pretty good at it.

    Very nice read.


  2. i did literature at high school and i think u rated the best poet of our generation.why dont u do it on a full time basis? All the same lovely piece.


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