My Lord is Here



Wake up at dawn, My Lord is good,

The beauty of creation, love it exudes.

I pray that Thee will grant me grace,

For today’s journey in every place.


Even when it’s silent, My Lord is near

I meditate and listen to Thy voice ever so clear

Master speak, your will be done.

Now, tomorrow and forever on this land.


Shadows lurk, and temptations rally,

Steadfast I remain, For my Lord is by me.

When in danger, I am at ease

Knowing that my faith shall make it cease.


Every night, I must give thanks

For as I lay, He stretches His protective hands,

I rest, knowing that My Lord is here

And that safe I am, with nothing to fear.


35 thoughts on “My Lord is Here

  1. Beautiful, and also reassuring for some people. Glad you passed by my little crazy blog. If you can believe it at first when I started with this social media, over a year ago at age 30, a bit late to the party but better late than never. Well when I started with this wordpress thing, at first I didn´t like poetry at all. Found it boring. Then I started reading other poets, and more and more, eventually got hooked on reading poetry. So I figured since I pick some things here and there by reading other poets I might as well try doing it myself and then I got hooked on writing it. Of course my “poems” if you can call it that way are surely not as good as your´s, but I´m glad you stopped by, that way I keep on reading new things and learning and…having fun!


    1. I’m glad you do now. Poetry is so beautiful. You have the gift to write and with time you can be the best. I’ve been writing for almost three years now and I’m hooked. I hope to learn some new things from you too.


  2. this poem reiterates the belief in God that everyone who believes in God should have. this message is in penultimate stanza (is this a pattern because i have picked it up from your other poems). this is the message: “Shadows lurk, and temptations rally,/Steadfast I remain, For my Lord is by me./When in danger, I am at ease/Knowing that my faith shall make it cease.” good read.

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    1. This is one of my favourite poems I’ve written. I felt at peace during the writing process, and even more so afterwards. I think you have guessed right about that pattern. It’s probably because I get excited when I’m about to end a poem I write, and then I end up adding another stanza just to wrap up. I appreciate your analysis on my pieces. Your time to come up with that, the very first one being very accurate is amazing and really appreciated. 🙃 God bless you.


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