I Saw God


Pictures taken during my stay in Oslo

I saw God,

He approached me at the shoreline

Gently and calmly,

He tickled my toes

And He and I locked in an embrace,

As I awed in paradise.


I saw God,

At the mountain top, as he arched the sky

Colourful and a delightful sight,

He brought me joy

And he taught me gratitude

As my senses narrated the creation story.


I saw God,

As he fed the greens

Pitter patter, drop by drop,

Till each had their share,

Though thunder roared and lightning struck,

He reminded me to seek the light in the dark.


I saw God,

As He peered over my Grandma,

He held her hand and finally gave her rest

Although I cried as I would miss her dearly,

He made sure to give me comfort,

When she smiled her last and parted with Him


I saw God,

On the day of my matrimony.

The angels rejoiced, and He beamed all day

My soulmate, long promised, stared in my eyes

And I saw a love so pure, that signified my forever.

The right time had come in glory everlasting.


I’ve seen the Lord,

And I see Him each day.

When the sun rises, and reclines for the moon,

When the trees dance as hit by the breeze,

God is ever present, ever loving,

God is nature, God is love.




31 thoughts on “I Saw God

  1. I really enjoyed the poem right down to pitter, patter, drop by drop. Here you are showing your reader god is omnipotent nature without actually telling. There is a liturgical quality in the poem up until that point.

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    1. I can understand where you’re coming from. Thanks Talia for reading 🙂
      The first part of the poem was about seeing God through nature. Second part was seeing Him through love. These two things will always stand to remind us of God wherever we find ourselves.


      1. Hi Elsie, by the time I reached that particular line. I was already acutely aware that we find God wherever we look. It is possible that the word god is derived from the etymology of gud, a middle English word dating back to medieval times.


  2. Beautiful poem….. i bealieve too that GOD is everywhere… i respect each and every tiny lil sand to the cloud high MountEverest…from the tiny lil drop to the Earth covering Oceans…from tiny lil ant to the big elephant…from the tiny lil grass to the big big tree….GOD is everywhere in everything..if we respect nature,we respect GOD.

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    1. And Elsie I like all your pictures too,all r beautiful and mesmerizing,are these clicked by you?
      Actually I love shooting nature with my camera or phone,whatever is in my hand at the time.


      1. Great! I took these pictures with my iPad. The one with me in it by the lake was taken by a friend on my Lumia phone. I was very much pleased with how the pictures came out 😌 I’d love to see some of your pictures too!


  3. O Elsie, what a blessing you are! To find someone who saw God totally blesses me. Our Father is so real to me. Now, at last, He is blessing me to find others that like myself know & experience Him on all the affairs of our lives. Thanks for your email. 🙂

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