While Minding My Business

A fortnight later

And he’s gifted me

A glimmer of hope

This, while simply minding my business

He could be the one

But he often disappears

Then I’m left to ponder

My only warning, being a moment’s notice

Then he reappears

As if to make amends

My heart jumping with joy

As if to tell me, “Didn’t I say so?”

Who does he think he is?

Leaving me in disarray

Telling me about his day

Then gone in a whiff

I better stay calm

Guard this heart of mine

Lest she warms up to him

For the grandest of falls

A fortnight to come

I may be left morose

And so maybe it’s time

To dish out my trusty detachment



The words we fear hearing,

Rejection pierces the heart

And then for a moment we’re abeyant

In shock,

Everything in a slow revolve,


But falling, really,

Like petals to the ground.

Perpetuity and pain, it’s worse.

A pain that constantly grapples,

Eyes that go blank, legs that wobble

Shaky hands, a mind focused on one word,

No, No, and more ‘No’s. It echoes

A reminder that,

We fell,

Just like petals to the ground.

But with time, we triumphed

Channeling distress into positivity

No longer were we petals to the ground,

No longer were we frozen in time.

And the mind? It was a haven of restored purpose.

Like petals to the ground we fell,

Now we bloom, and sway with the wind.


That it is well.