You’re Going To Be A Star



She sat on the stool, getting her makeup done. Everything was falling in place. For a moment she was lost in her thoughts, till someone tapped her shoulder and whispered, “You’re going to be a star!”



You’re going to be a star

Gone will be your gloomy days

You will shine from afar

And everyone will know your pretty face.


A star is born

And these prying eyes,

They want their story.

Whose story?

I thought this was my journey.

A pretty face,

Accompanied by a damning headline

They never spoke of the intense pressures

Stalking, panic attacks, anger, depression.

They poked their noses,

Today was the overdose

They staged public humiliation,

Tomorrow, I use the knife they handed me

A broken star, that they may all have a piece.

And as rose petals litter my coffin

The words will resound,

“You’re going to be a star.”


I’m a broken star

Reminiscent of gloom befallen

My shine dimming from afar

And very soon, my face shall be forgotten.