Tower Love

kite tt

On the highest tower

I see my better half

This sight beholding my eyes, I’ll forever be entranced

The kites parade the skies, and the daisies sway with delight

It’s a frenzy down there, but your heartbeat is sounding

Its beat, the rhythm to the music of my soul

I’m high on love, a feeling so rousing

My insides are oozing out unconditional love

And these arms, in dire need of an embrace

Oh when shall I descend this tower?

Come love all of me.

These lips await thy sweet kisses

Forever doesn’t seem a mystery anymore

I yearn to be thy princess, my shining knight

Your love, crystal clear and unclouded,

So when I come crashing down,

I shall paint out my heart’s desire

That all will see, the dazzler I’ve beheld

The town crier will be my only opponent

In telling the beautiful story I foresee

Sunset soon approaching and the starlings will capture this picturesque moment

My cue, to descend this tower, to you, my love,  is now.