Give, Take

Give, take

Not in this selfish world

The lovers know

The writers know

The artists know

How they’ve bled


Give, take

The mad hatters share

See them at the table

Penning sonnets

Belting ballads

Painting grief

How well they articulate


Give, take

We channel, we pool

Stunning auras, invisible to this world

We read

We listen

We write

How well we’ve created smoke screens

Peace Is No Longer Abstract


Peace is no longer abstract

Peace is a child covered in dust

Tossed and distressed

By the hands of war.


Peace rebukes in silence

Bleeds in the open

Pleads, begs

But will the world listen?


Peace is no longer abstract

Peace knocks on our door

Gently in chaos, once more

Look what we’ve done to peace.


My contribution to #PoetsforPeace


Pretty girls

Pretty woeful

Tears and mascara

Not so pretty after all


Pretty girls

Pretty sensitive

Holding on to hurtful remarks

Downcast and pensive


Pretty girls

Concealing ‘ugly’ features

To questionable standards

Emblazoned in tabloids and magazine spreads


Pretty girls

Pretty slaves

Pretty in a rush

To dig their graves