I rode my bicycle
It was quite a ride
I let out my basket
Scattering broken promises.

I rode on, quite a distance
The thoughts vexed me
Palpitating, I had no care,
But a broken heart to bury in those woods

I rode, undeterred.
By the scampering squirrels, and rattling sounds
Lump in throat, and red-flushed eyes
Escaping reality.

I rode, I rode fervently
Till it had come to an end
My bicycle gave up on me
The cue to start the sniveling.

So there lay a bicycle
Next to it, I, pouring my heart out
They stared at me, those eyes in the woods
Feeling pity for me, from a distance

I rode a bicycle
With a basket of your false promises
I left them dispersed in the woods,
Taking back my broken heart, to mend.