Listen to His Voice







I am weary, I am restless

I hid my troubles beneath my pillow

The morning anew and yet they still bellow

I am confused, I’m a mess

I drank away my worries, to feel at ease

Only to be sober once more, and still they tease

I am unhappy, I am reclusive

Missing answers, futile searches

I have been unwise, there is a God!

Only in silence, I now hear His voice

Hushed by the noise of my worrisome heart

A voice speaketh, that once drowned in a pool of self desires

Now I hear clearly, He speaks, I listen.

Renewed hope and happiness, because He carries my burden

Awesome love, Wonderful counselor.

I am hopeful, I am blessed

The Lord, my God is in control

All to prayer, I humbly ask, that this rocky boat, with me he’ll row.


Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world – 1 John 4:4