Omnipotent God


Lord waiting on You is my pastime.
I take joy in knowing You’re planning a surprise for me
I’ll wait till it’s right, because You have my interest at heart.
Lord I’ll listen when You tell me no,
Your mysterious ways crown me victorious.
My perfection in everything is nothing compared to your outstanding doings.
Indeed the mountains bow down at your feet,
The waves roar at your call,
And the sea’s horizon, unending just like your love for me.
A sinner on bended knees, The King shows me mercy.
A Just God, unfailing in His ways, and a keeper of His word.
Lord when I stray, when I’m at the edge of my downfall,
You say, I who have been disobedient is forgiven?
Oh Wonderful God, kindness is your utensil.
The ingredient is love, and the ladle?
That’s Your protection, if I stay in the bounds of showing You reverence.
Masterful Creator, Your invention is the greatest.
Teacher of goodness, I want to imitate.
Surround me and bless me Lord.
I will worship You and You alone.
The world, a bridge to Your holy place.
Shaky, telling of how easy it is to lose balance, the balance of being in the world and not of it.
Praises to The King, who has shown me the greatest love.
I have Faith in the Lord.
My prayers, unceasing will draw me nearer to You.
Mighty God I trust You forever.