The Flow

Puzzle Pieces _7












The puzzle pieces,

They float all around us,

Some at arm’s reach, others so high

There’s some subtleness, there’s a flow

It’s a steady process, this flow,

It’s a masterpiece in the making, this puzzle

It surely is a work in progress.

We cause the disturbance in flow, our impatience,

Our selfish desires, they create a disorder,

The fear we’ve allowed to control us, it shoves in the hollows

But diligence, if this we value, impresses a blueprint.

This blueprint is our purpose.

It’s us knowing who we are,

It’s us showing our light to all

It’s us realizing our self actualization.

There’s a flow.

The puzzle pieces we must put together,

But, there isn’t a one-way street to arriving at the final destination

The trials will come, we must learn patience and endurance

Likely, we could envy a puzzle of another,

We would sometimes go  taking pieces meant for others,

But they will not fit. No, they won’t.

It all comes down to understanding the disposition that there is,

There are the pieces, there exists some unique enigma, and there is a flow.