A darling is gone, not forgotten

The weather dull, it tells of the pain

Tears fall, disbelief and sorrow, a darling departed all of a sudden

Seconds before, minutes ago, days past when a joyous soul was alive, and had more to attain

Stark silence, grief-stricken faces, memories are all of what’s left behind.

A legacy perhaps, a fortune maybe, or, what was considered a strong presence felt, but now it’s too late to rewind.


A darling is resting, resting in peace,

Cheer up all folk, be assured that thou is in good hands.

Gone are all words spoken, good or bad, let all backbiting cease!

The past whether lived well or not, who are we to judge?

Our Maker and Creator, The Omnipotent God decides, not anyone else.

So, so, people talk, but do they know? Different shoes all have different walking styles.


A darling is remembered, celebrate the wonderful memories,

You and I are blessed to have been a part of the life story.

No more tears, but calm minds and happy faces, do share your pleasantries.

Commemorate the laughter and joy you once had, end the spell of worry.

Believe that the special one looks down and is blissful,

The sight of happy friends and family is once again refreshing and beautiful.