Letting Go







The moon saw my eyes and dimmed a little,
When I told them you said you would go and never come back.
Fireflies gathered round and made me feel warm.
I spoke to the wind, asking if I would be okay?
And it simply made me swirl around merrily.
The lake formed an image of a happy girl, her heart smiling out and looking towards a bright future.
So letting go is what I do. Every mistake is a lesson for the future.
The following morning was reminiscent of how I searched for your star last night.
The one that lit up the whole sky and made my previous nights beautiful.
I gave it back; someday it would make another soul’s night beautiful like it did for mine.I told the flowers which were all up in my face as if to offer themselves as hankies that my tears were saved for joyous occasions henceforth,

Those days I couldn’t breathe, today the thorns decided that every other day from now on would be a field day.

The stones, they said to me they would stay out of my way so I wouldn’t stumble or fall.
The doors of happiness said they wouldn’t shut me out like you did
And the usually rapid rivers said for my sake they would carry me gently to the ‘forgetting you island’.