In the night’s stillness,

As I lay,

I’m in search, and I find

Then I lose,

Orbiting this kaleidoscopic journey

They told me,

Go find mercy.



In the night’s stillness

I build an army

To defeat enemies, let them kneel.

It’s the pictures I envision on ceilings,

In bedpost territory as they told me,

Go find mercy.


In the night’s stillness

I have the best laughs

With friends in the fade

Filling the voids created in the day

We chase the moon, and count the stars

Only  just dreams, they told me, Go find mercy.



Before the sun rises,

In the stillness of the night

Come see how I search

Cry, laugh, believe, hope, work, pray

Seeking answers,

They told me, Go find mercy.


Trust In Jesus

He is ever so THOUGHTFUL

No day goes by without me wanting to show REVERENCE

Give me your UNDERSTANDING oh Lord,

Such SELFLESSNESS He showed when He gave His life for us

I will invest TIME in doing things to His will

He will shepherd you according to the INTEGRITY of His heart

NOBILITY is written all over Him

JESUS is Lord forever.

I will continue to show ENDURANCE in my Saviour.

I will be a SUBMISSIVE servant and not disobey

He is UNPRETENTIOUS in all His ways.

My SUCCESS is assured when I involve Him in my plans.