Have I Settled

He’s in the shower
I sit at the nightstand
Wiping off lip rouge
Taking off my dainty pearls

The moon appears
And I can hear the wind whistling
For a moment I’m fixated in a distant past
Remembering vividly, the tryst, that tryst

A common visitor, this curiosity
Mere seconds only,
I cannot help but ask…
‘Have I settled?’

Once Upon A Time










Once upon a time…


There was an understanding,

He and I,

We just bonded.


There was a connection,

He and I,

We were soulmates.


There was a spark,

He and I,

We were fire ablaze.


There was a misunderstanding,

He and I,

Thunder versus lightning.


There was a disconnect,

He and I,

Strangers to be.


There was a quench,

He and I,

A flame put out.


There was a memory,

He and I,

But now we are history.