Man and His Oak

The two

One seeking, one looking to be found

The two

Have one, an ache that is anticipation

The two

The Carpenter and the Oak.


Seemingly symbiotic loving,

But what materialized, the end indeed

Chameleon loving.

In all hues, till death

And in death, see the hues, now blackened.


At first sight, as we know, love

Thus began the fairytale

Man and the Oak

Leaves evergreen, nature’s centerpiece

And in her wait to be adored

In her wait to be found

She anticipated gratitude.


Man and his cherished Oak

Man, very much in control

Oak, naively besotted

Oh he changed her!

And she didn’t mind, because love…

Each day he carved her

An edge here, a curve there

Man, the Carpenter

Man, the Refiner

He wanted her perfect

Her beautiful flaws, he smoothened out

He wanted shine

Her grainy appearance, he glossed up

Man and his polished Oak

His anticipation, that his efforts be rewarded

And that was so, by his “work of art”


But what happened next

Tragic, love so tragic!

He, Man, sought after another Oak

He, Man, gave her out, without blinking

And her forever now,

Anger, resentment, shame and unhappiness

Trapped in a cocoon

Stripped of raw beauty

Exposed, and he, Man, had not cared


Man and His Oak

This is what he did to nature.




I tell you,

He inspired her art

There’s something about pain

Though a wall shields her heart,

It birthed a virtuoso from her bane.


She performs,

It’s him she wants observing

Every note louder, gestures immaculate,

He left her hurting and uncertain

Unaware of a masterpiece he was to create.



Listen, how she belts out!

Her words, they inspire,

The rules, she will flout

She entrances, and he can’t help but admire.



Rain on her compliments

She impresses with little effort,

But in her, he planted deep sentiments

Raw, beautiful art is her reward.