Beautiful was you and I,

Beautiful we shall forever be.

Amazing how time changes feelings sometimes,

But the love went sour; it’s too obvious not to see

It’s a lost cause, it’s a lost cause.


Memories to be kept forever,

Like the times you made me smile

Is it possible to move on ever?

What doesn’t help is being apart so so many miles,

It’s a lost cause, it’s a lost cause


Loving something that was never yours in the first place hurts.

The end to the fairytale is already known.

Seeing you distance yourself, what can I do but fret?

Maybe it’s not worth it after all, I hate being in this zone, all alone.

It’s a lost cause, it’s a lost cause.


These pretty eyes have cried out for you,

This heart of mine wants not to be broken

So my goodbye to you is due.

Surely I’ll miss you and remember the good times

I hope I haven’t lost a friend, and my smile and love is what I leave behind.