Let Down The Chains

Let down the chains O’Lord,

For I’ve been a prisoner in pain

Fix me O’Lord,

Broken I am, with no name.

My foes, they mock me

They tread on my victories,

O’Lord teach them endearment.

And instill in me a heart of forgiveness

Guide me O’Lord,

Treachery fills their souls

But my trust in you ever so firm.

For I glory in tribulations with a Mighty God,

Who forever reigns,

O’Lord let down the chains

My Lord is Here



Wake up at dawn, My Lord is good,

The beauty of creation, love it exudes.

I pray that Thee will grant me grace,

For today’s journey in every place.


Even when it’s silent, My Lord is near

I meditate and listen to Thy voice ever so clear

Master speak, your will be done.

Now, tomorrow and forever on this land.


Shadows lurk, and temptations rally,

Steadfast I remain, For my Lord is by me.

When in danger, I am at ease

Knowing that my faith shall make it cease.


Every night, I must give thanks

For as I lay, He stretches His protective hands,

I rest, knowing that My Lord is here

And that safe I am, with nothing to fear.





He is risen, He is alive

My Lord is risen, hitherto crucified,

I am saved, because for me He died

But today He is risen, rejoice and be glad


No Greater love than that Thou hast shown

My Lord is King, He has risen and my sins atoned

He lives though by the people, betrayed and disowned

Go see, open is the tomb stone.


He Is Risen.




Listen to His Voice







I am weary, I am restless

I hid my troubles beneath my pillow

The morning anew and yet they still bellow

I am confused, I’m a mess

I drank away my worries, to feel at ease

Only to be sober once more, and still they tease

I am unhappy, I am reclusive

Missing answers, futile searches

I have been unwise, there is a God!

Only in silence, I now hear His voice

Hushed by the noise of my worrisome heart

A voice speaketh, that once drowned in a pool of self desires

Now I hear clearly, He speaks, I listen.

Renewed hope and happiness, because He carries my burden

Awesome love, Wonderful counselor.

I am hopeful, I am blessed

The Lord, my God is in control

All to prayer, I humbly ask, that this rocky boat, with me he’ll row.


Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world – 1 John 4:4




Omnipotent God


Lord waiting on You is my pastime.
I take joy in knowing You’re planning a surprise for me
I’ll wait till it’s right, because You have my interest at heart.
Lord I’ll listen when You tell me no,
Your mysterious ways crown me victorious.
My perfection in everything is nothing compared to your outstanding doings.
Indeed the mountains bow down at your feet,
The waves roar at your call,
And the sea’s horizon, unending just like your love for me.
A sinner on bended knees, The King shows me mercy.
A Just God, unfailing in His ways, and a keeper of His word.
Lord when I stray, when I’m at the edge of my downfall,
You say, I who have been disobedient is forgiven?
Oh Wonderful God, kindness is your utensil.
The ingredient is love, and the ladle?
That’s Your protection, if I stay in the bounds of showing You reverence.
Masterful Creator, Your invention is the greatest.
Teacher of goodness, I want to imitate.
Surround me and bless me Lord.
I will worship You and You alone.
The world, a bridge to Your holy place.
Shaky, telling of how easy it is to lose balance, the balance of being in the world and not of it.
Praises to The King, who has shown me the greatest love.
I have Faith in the Lord.
My prayers, unceasing will draw me nearer to You.
Mighty God I trust You forever.



I tremble, tremble when they utter their words,
Plastic smiles surround me, like they ever cared,
Lord it’s You I want and You I seek
Cos your love never fails, like a broken tap it even leaks,
I tremble when they call, I tremble when on them I must rely.
Lord draw me nearer, on You I lay my burdens upon.

I worry, worry when I’m in doubt or have committed to wrong doing,
But you said to me, ‘Son I forgive you, overthink not, It’s my duty not yours’.
If I had a looking glass I would zoom into Your heart,
Your kindness overflows, I shall receive anything, if it’s your will simply by asking,
Praising You is my topmost desire,
Blessings, You shower on me Wonderful Counselor.
My tears, I have been assured will always be that of joy when in You I trust.
What amazing love is this? Lord I call on You, I call.



This was to be her first time away from her Dad. She was travelling to Ukraine to study Medicine. The night before, her Dad helped her pack her stuff, telling her what to take, what to leave behind. A few times she would frown and disagree, because she thought her Dad was being unreasonable. She received a parcel from a friend of hers who had told her to deliver it to an Aunt. Dad sternly told her not to, and explained that she would have to leave it behind because its contents were unknown, which could be risky for her at the airport. She felt she was only helping out a friend, but she obeyed Daddy and put the parcel away.

The day had finally arrived, she woke up feeling very excited. She had packed all she had to, and now waiting to get on the plane was all that was left to do, her flight was at night. Her Dad took her to the airport, helped her check in, and with all other things she had to do there. Then she had to go through immigration service, there her Dad wasn’t allowed to pass through so he kissed her goodbye, and told her to say a prayer when she got on the plane. He stood behind a huge window and watched her. He kept watching, until he was sure everything was all right and left only when she was no longer in sight.

God does the same thing, just like the girl’s father watched over her and made sure she was all right. When we’re asleep in our comfy beds, it’s the dear Lord who keeps watch over us.In anything we do, He is there, making sure we are safe. He loves us so much and never wants to see us fail. If we took time to listen to His voice each day, we would find joy in everything we did. He cares so much for us, let us listen to Him and obey His commandments.

Jeremiah 29:11 —->For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

My life belongs to you Lord

 So what more do you want, before you give Him all the Glory?

You wake up each day, someone did not,

You travel all over the world as a tourist, and nature makes you amazed by what you see

God is slow to get angry, ever merciful, we sin yet He forgives the whole lot.

His Son died to set us all free,

Tell me what kind of Love is that?

As for me, I will praise Him, Lord I will praise Thee,

Thy hand is set on me, and I know I’m always in your thoughts.


Trust In Jesus

He is ever so THOUGHTFUL

No day goes by without me wanting to show REVERENCE

Give me your UNDERSTANDING oh Lord,

Such SELFLESSNESS He showed when He gave His life for us

I will invest TIME in doing things to His will

He will shepherd you according to the INTEGRITY of His heart

NOBILITY is written all over Him

JESUS is Lord forever.

I will continue to show ENDURANCE in my Saviour.

I will be a SUBMISSIVE servant and not disobey

He is UNPRETENTIOUS in all His ways.

My SUCCESS is assured when I involve Him in my plans.