Behind The Curtain


Behind the curtain was where I retreated to,

When they scorned me and wished me unpleasantries.

Behind the curtain was my haven, I felt at ease, I was myself, and there wasn’t an embarrassing mistake to undo.

Behind the curtain was an everyday abode,

But today I come from behind the curtain to stand among ‘the tall trees’.

Behind the curtain I used to cry, tears of sorrow and regret,

Behind the curtain I beat myself up, I was my biggest critic whenever I felt I had not given off my best.

Behind the curtain I would watch and learn,
They thought of me as a nobody, but today I would show them, Yes I would.

Behind the curtain I would laugh, I was a mirror to the world, and their misdoings had me rolling on the floor,

Behind the curtain I had the most amazing conversations with my Maker,
He loved to listen and though sometimes as frail as a branch I would totter, I was grounded firm and deep in His Love.

Behind the curtain is a wonderful place.
But Should I forever stay there or dare to face everyone?
Today I draw that curtain, I might be back there again, who knows, but today I come out from behind the curtain.