Two breaths to the finish line

And he is nowhere to be found

I am free

My senses, glad to be back in unison

As if they all had returned from a distant journey

We are relieved that he is gone

But before two breaths

Was an almost breathless marathon

He almost makes me think he’ll go easy on me

Till seconds after an utterance or two

He starts to choke me

I struggle to let out my voice

But they all can hear

A voice that resembles nervous notes

Of a woodwind instrument

My fingers at the slightest touch, turn vibrating strings

My guts, a wrung cloth

And my feet, they aren’t sure if they rest on ground

This marathon, he’s there every step

But I see the finish line

He sees it too

We both have a fear

He is my fear, and the finish line, his

Because freedom awaits on the other side.

He is my anxiety.


Anxiety, sudden rain to my drought
To hear my name, and be plunged into deep thought

My gullet resembles a spiky chain
See my iris, a dark, rainy cloud

Drop by drop
My energy seeps via the invisible openings

My brain is flooded
The rain has been troublesome

And post its thunderous display
I stand in the mud of my vulnerability

Reticent Fighter

Invisible flaws provoke a whirlwind

Quivering hands and a voice that trembles

Winning still feels like losing

To a reticent fighter.


They try their hardest

They run the farthest

Their tears are rivers

And the mind, a tauntress


Prisoners, they are pleading

They bleed internally

Their finest hours snatched

And it’s a pitiful sight


To look at them, as they drown

In a sea of inferiority

And with every hint of sympathy

Is a voice slowing fading away


As anxiety cuffs onto them

They are tortured right before you

With quaky fingers, as though searching the ground

For what is left of their shredded dignity


Their efforts to willingly subdue

Are thrown out the door

And ultimately, the nails on the coffin

Are the gags of the many that fail to construe.









Angst followed behind her

And promised to solemnize misery

He taunted, as she suppressed the nerves

And all she is, was not all she was.


Her heart thumped at the mention of her name

Her mind, as void as the genesis

The invisible leash latched on her

And her hands betrayed her calm


Eyes watching, pierced like needles

And she spoke each time with haste heightened.

As though trying not to drown,

As though slowly sinking in quick sand.


Oh she fought, but so fragilely,

And she wanted to conquer

But her broken self, she could not mend,

Her voice begged for sympathy.


All she is, she was not,

Angst, he took his bow.