It wasn’t supposed to end up like this

But I tell you now, the story

Of the paint splattered canvas

Once white and bare

Awaiting kaleidoscopic ideas

Of painter, once in euphoria

It wouldn’t have ended up like this

But here is the story

Of the birth of insecurities

Once unknown, some well managed

But words sowed seeds

In a painter, once self assured

It shouldn’t have ended up like this

But the story is clear

The canvas white, no more

And awe no more, to its beholder

Because of unkind words and opinions

The painter, now in need of an inner mending

3 thoughts on “Canvas

  1. Your splattered canvas reminds me of the introductory images of the series I am watching “The Chosen.” Have you seen it? It depicts fish all swimming in the same direction until one turns and swims against the tide. Then another – and another. That’s what those “unkind words and opinions” should cause you to do! Don’t let them tear your inner soul – just turn and swim the other way and let your loyal friends join you in the process of that “inner mending!”

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