The Man with One Chair

The man with one chair

Likes to sit alone

One will catch a glimpse of him

When the worn out country sun

To the horizon, has gone

The man with one chair

A beer for company

But in his thoughts

Miss Alabama, is wandering

Can you fathom this mystery?

That man with one chair

Won’t be alone for too long

Till sweet lil’ Miss Alabama

Goes sashaying his way

Wowing just enough, to capture his gaze

A capture of two now in her trove

The man with one chair

May soon give out his seat

Props out to Miss Alabama

For stealing his gaze, his heart and now, his chair

8 thoughts on “The Man with One Chair

      1. Things have been good, some big changes for me, God has been faithful.

        The scar, that’s from a cycling accident in 2017. I went cycling with a bunch of friends on the Aburi hills in Ghana. Upon descent, lost control of my bike (it had been giving me problems before and it also wasn’t my personal bike). People usually jog on the same stretch that cyclists use. I tried to avoid hitting a little boy and crashed. Ended up with a few scars. The two conspicuous ones are the one on my forearm and another just below my left eye

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