A word I hadn’t known

Hadn’t enacted 

And all past scribbling 

Encircling these four letters

I’d been living, breathing 

But comatose within

Till one day, I literally woke

Tracing my scripted past

In awe at where the pieces fit

Lamenting on pleasing onlookers 

Time wasted, invested in fear

Till the day I simply woke

It’s that one poem you write

And at its end, the shackles come lose

You hear them drop to the ground

It’s the final gasp and then relief from a nightmare

It’s a calm after panic, that was seemingly unending 

It’s pulling yourself out of a long trance

Conquering paralysis in sleep, for some.

Have you ever heard the silence in silence?

Somehow discerned infinity?

Affirmative thoughts thunderously knocking?

Have you finally heard your own heartbeat?

You have awoken my friend.

There in your palm, the world you hold.

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