Bother me to bother you

So I pity my ceiling 

For being bothered by my emptiness 

Filling a whole room

Towering over debris 

Of walls of mine that you tore down  

I pity my heart

For stressing itself 

Too much effort for no cheer

Met with little done for many a tear

When you bothered me to bother you

10 thoughts on “Bother me to bother you

      1. I’m well enough physically but I’m still in shock over my daughter….I have a song I would like for you to hear. It sounds very much like Katie and the way she lived….”When the Music is not Forgotten” by a group with the unlikely name of Deadman. I can see her when I listen to it. Thanks for your interest.

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      2. Currently listening to it! 🙂 Very calming. I think I’ve heard this before. I can get a sense of the kind of person your daughter was. Someone to be proud of. I hope you’re coping quite well, it’s hard I know. With time you’ll smile at the memories of her.

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  1. I may have suggested it to you one time. Katie followed your blog but she didn’t comment very often. I’m debating with myself as to whether I’ll continue writing for the blog or not. I think that February 7 will probably be my farewell post. That will be the third anniversary of “skramblingeezer” which was Katie’s idea. Thanks to you for all your comments and support……:):)


    1. I’m glad we crossed writing paths here. If that shall be the last, then I wish you well. I’m behind you whatever you choose to do 🙂 I’m happy Katie liked my poems. We can still keep in touch if you would want afterwards.
      By the way, where do you live? I’m doing research in Massachusetts for a while, and that’s what has been keeping me busy.


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