The Naked Ritual 

The naked ritual,

I undid my hems

And that’s what I did to my close minded outlook 

I soaked my feet in brine

And that’s what I did to soothe my aching worries 

I inhaled, I exhaled, morning and night

And that’s how I welcomed life and and the unexpected 

And by the time I lay to sleep 

I was aware of myself, naked to the core

My naked self raising the question, 

“What relationship have you, with yourself?”

10 thoughts on “The Naked Ritual 

      1. No mind change. A few things needed some attention and my lovely wife had to prepare for her trip to see her mother so I was kept rather busy for a while. She’ll be back in about 10 weeks so I should be able to get caught up on some of my writing…:)


      2. Yes, everything is well. Her mother has a new home 600 miles from where she has been living and Amparo (my wife) went to help with the transition. I hope to go there in about a year and a half and with a lot of prayers start a congregation of the Lord’s church. If you haven’t figured out by now that is my life…:)


      3. Lovely of your wife to help out. I like her name (haven’t heard it before). And yes, I figured that out. You’re a blessing to me and the many you reach to 🙂

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      4. It is a Spanish name. It means protector or refuge. Look at Psalm 46 :1. Her Bible is in Spanish but she has that verse highlighted. Thank you for saying I am a blessing to you. I hope you realize that works both ways. It is refreshing to find someone who does not run from religious comments…..:)

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