7 thoughts on “Lit Candles Before The Brick Walls 

  1. Here we go again…..I don’t really have the words to do this one justice. Life really is a toil and I am fast approaching my brick wall. My warranty is almost up and I am looking for an extension. You are good enough to figure that one out….:)


  2. Sometimes the perfect reply comes a week late. Look for a song by by a group with the unlikely name Deadman. The song title is “in a time when the music is not forgotten” and to me it has a lot of meaning. I think it goes well with many of the things you write…:)

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    1. You were right. I love songs like this one. Sometimes I feel I have an old soul in me 🙂 thanks for sharing. I’m late, hope you had a blessed and happy Easter.


      1. Thank you…A woman I knew many years ago told me she thought I had been born old. I think she may have been right; I like the old songs, old people and old books, especially the Bible…and I think old thoughts from time to time…:)

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